Alpha Mathematics

Alpha Mathematics | Grades 1-5

Alpha Mathematics

Alpha Math promotes the importance of mathematical literacy and differentiated learning. Teachers can personalize which approach each student learns most effectively through various resources such as Multiple Intelligence math activities, differentiated practices, and multiple mathematical strategies.

The problem solving questions in Alpha Math require students to justify their answers in complete sentences thus reinforcing math literacy. Each chapter contains a problem-solving lesson that revolves entirely around problem solving questions and how to solve them.
Alpha Math consists of two volumes for each grade that have distinctive and rich content. The first volume focuses on the two domains Operations & Algebraic Thinking and Numbers & Operations. Students will be introduced to place values and algebra through arithmetic. By developing the relationship between place value and algebra, students will be able to make sense of the problems and construct arguments.
The second volume is a continuation of the first volume and continues to over Number & Operations. It then introduces the domains of Measurement & Data and Geometry. Students will understand measurement and learn units of measurements with the use of tools. They will look at 2D and 3D structures and understand angles and how to model.

  • Fully Common Core aligned
  • Consumable student book and practice book
  • Hands-on activity at the beginning of each lesson
  • Multiple mathematical approaches and strategies
  • Practical applications of math in the real world

Alpha Math GR 1 Student Edition Vol : A

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567087

Alpha Math GR 1 Student Edition Vol : B

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567094

Alpha Math GR 1 Practice Book

Work Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567186

Alpha Math GR 1 Teacher Edition Vol : A + 1 YR Digital Access

Teacher Guide | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785566981