Alpha Science

Alpha Science | Grades 1-5

Alpha Science

Alpha Science is modeled after the Next Generation Science Standards and encourages students to listen to their natural curiosity and search for answers to their questions. Students learn best through exploration and practical application that create real world connections. Through student-driven practice, teachers can encourage students to drive the classroom learning experience.

The framework of Alpha Science is built on performance expectations and the three-dimensional learning approach of the NGSS. Each lesson follows the 5E instructional model. Differentiated practices are implemented throughout each lesson so the classroom experience is focused on meaningful student engagement and exploration.

NGSS Science G1-5
Alpha Science

  • Science & Technology
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science

Alpha Science is composed of four different volumes so teachers can select the domain they would like to teach first. Each NGSS domain has it’s own unique color-coded volume with vibrant visuals. Each lesson contains three differentiated practices: Full, Guided, and Independent. Each lesson begins with a Full Practice to encourage students to start thinking and questioning the world around them. As the lesson continues, the Guided Practice will be performed with the help of the teacher. At the end of the lesson, students will be able to apply their mastery of the lesson with the Independent Practice without teacher support.

At the end of each chapter, there is a STEAM activity in which students get to implement the knowledge they have learned as scientists and apply it to a real life scenario as engineers.

  • Based on Next Generation Science Standards
  • Consumable student book and practice book
  • NGSS performance expectations are presented in various forms of activities throughout the lessons
  • Scaffolded STEAM activity after every chapter
  • Differentiated ELL activities
  • Each lesson is based on the 5E instructional model
  • Cross curriculum connections to the CCSS

Alpha Science GR 1 Student Edition A : Science & Technology

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567735

Alpha Science GR 1 Student Edition B : Life Science

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567742

Alpha Science GR 1 Student Edition C : Earth Science

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567759

Alpha Science GR 1 Student Edition D : Physical Science

Student Book | Grade: 1
ISBN: 9781785567766