Go for English MENA Edition

High Beginer – High Intermediate Common European Framework: A1-A2

Go for English MENA Edition

Go For English is a progressive 6-level English course developed for primary school students learning English as their second language or as a foreign language for Middle East and Africa.

Go For English has been designed to teach our target learners through a creative language approach, covering the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Based on the three levels of the Cambridge Young Learners Test (YLE Test), each book has many kinds of questions and answers which the students are required to know for the test.

  • Corresponding pictures
  • Phonics recognition
  • Associated phonics words
  • Children-centred activities
  • Daily and functional dialogue
  • Communicative games
  • Orderly grammar structures
  • • Content especially tailored for children studying in Middle East and Africa

Go for English 1 Student's Book - MENA

Student Book
ISBN: 9781785563027

Go for English 1 Workbook - MENA

Work Book
ISBN: 9781785563089

Go for English 1 Teacher's Book - MENA

Teacher's Book
ISBN: 9781785563140

Go for English 2 Student's Book - MENA

Student Book
ISBN: 9781785563034