• Alpha LMS Learning

    Alpha LMS Learning for All, At Your Fingertips!
    Your LMS school and student accounts can be registered on the platform in less than 2 minutes, connecting students and teachers with a huge variety of tools and resources and walking them through the complete learning process like never before.

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  • Alpha Science

    Alpha Science program is designed to provide all students with a comprehensive 1-5 science education. It has been developed based on the Next Generation Science Standards; instructional materials employ educational best practices to deliver science content that is interwoven with science skills, engineering, technology, artistic design, and mathematics.

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  • Alpha Mathematics

    Alpha Math consists of two volumes for each grade that have distinctive and rich content. The content is built on the Common Core State Standards. The instructions and practices are designed in accordance with the learning domains of Bloom’s taxonomy to help build a deep, strong and innovative foundation in mathematics.

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  • Pandy and Friends

    Pandy the Panda is a three-level course for pre-school children aged between 3 and 5 which offers a wide range of materials to ensure enjoyable lessons for very young learners.

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  • English Leader

    English Leader is a new four-level course specifically adapted for young teenage students in the Middle East and North Africa.

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  • Present English

    A series designed to introduce topics, vocabulary and language usage specific to various professional situations starting from a low level of language competence.

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